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Expert Chat with Naomi Bloom, Managing Partner at Bloom & Wallace

Dorothy Dalton, CEO of 3Plus International interviews Naomi Bloom, Managing Partner at Bloom & Wallace during HR Tech World Congress 2015 in Paris.

Naomi Bloom is a technology sector expert, business and platform strategic advisor, market influencer, blogger and speaker about enterprise HR technology and outsourcing. As a definite highlight of HR Tech World Congress 2015, Dorothy Dalton interviews her onsite in Paris.

The insightful talk between the two exceptional industry professionals addresses concerns about the lack of gender diversity in software development, especially at higher levels,  in leadership roles. This issue raises the question of how to achieve gender balance in the technology sector?

In the conversation below, they discuss possible actions of combining the best of the technology mindset with the HR mindset to overcome this challenge we all face.


[embedyt] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-_Z6XVMoPNY[/embedyt]
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